How it all started

My first Apple device was an iPod Touch. The first generation one. I read about it in a magazine about video games. It picked my interest, so I saved up some money and got myself one shortly afterwards. This was before the App Store when iOS was still known as iPhone OS.

Back then, the jailbreaking-community started picking up steam. I read a French blog on how to hack PSPs back then, install Custom Firmware, and run homebrew-software: M33, Dark_Alex, Despertar del Cementiero. These names still make me feel nostalgic to this day. In my city, I was known as the guy who could hack your PSP and make it run Nintendo games.

That blog started publishing about how to jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone before the owners created a second website just on this. An important detail of this story is that as a youth, I disliked French. A lot. I vastly preferred German. The irony lies in the fact that I‘m in a relationship with a French woman today.

But I never found a German website writing about jailbreaks with as much depth as that French blog. That‘s when I decided I wanted to join a German website that used to write only about the iPod Touch. I tried to fill that void myself.

I got accepted, and as happy as 17-year-old Kevin was, I posted it to an Apple-forum I had recently joined up. Little side-note: the website was run by a guy who later became my best friend. I had no clue who he was, and I only found out later that it was my Kim.

Another guy saw that post, who happened to be from Luxembourg too. We ended up talking and decided to create our own website.

That little blog kickstarted a whole era for me. We were known as the jailbreak-guys and became the go-to-source in Germany. We even ended up wanting to buy the website I applied to originally.

This project was why I started getting more and more into tech; I started caring about journalism and met many people from the Apple-community I nowadays profoundly respect. We launched two other websites, one on Gaming with a podcast and one on lifestyle. They never became as big as the first one, but they taught me a lot too.

I later decided to study Digital Journalism to become better at what I was doing. Fast forward, because of these studies, I applied to work at my current company. Here, I‘ve realized print-journalism isn‘t what I was after, so I switched to marketing and later data-science.

My websites had died in the meantime because, after eight years, I lost the motivation to keep going. So I decided to end them.

The itch to keep writing never died down, though, why you‘re reading these words on this blog. My love for prose remained to this day. It was blogging that got me into reading books, after all. To be a better writer, you need to be a reader, something I still believe. And because of reading, I got into philosophy, into science, into meditation.

I owe a lot of my personality to reading. Everything I believe nowadays I probably first picked up in a book and then later tested myself or observed watching the world.

In essence, I am who I am today because I picked up an iPod Touch, which kickstarted many things.

Thanks, Apple!