Tomoe River is dead, long live Tomoe River

Ok, ok, everyone, calm down!

After yesterday's shock, I got the great news (thanks, Scott) that – while Tomoegawa is not producing Tomoe River paper anymore – Sanzen Paper has taken over the rights and production.


Sanzen has already moved production to its own machines and will start shipping Tomoe River on November 29th. However, since they took over Tomoegawa’s inventory, it will likely be a few months before we see Sanzen-manufactured Tomoe River on the market.

As it seems, they are planning to work on a true successor. According to Fudefan, it's of even better quality than Tomoe River paper.

Sanzen’s paper is impressive. It seems to take any ink you throw at it, even Kakimori’s Akitsuta, which feathers and bleeds on pretty much anything, including “new” Tomoe River.
In terms of shading, sheen, and vibrancy, Sanzen’s paper consistently outperformed “new” Tomoe River and was mostly on par with the old paper.

I can't wait to get my hands on this.