I am launching a new pop-up newsletter

I am launching a new newsletter. It’s called Through the Looking Glass, and it is — what I call — a pop-up newsletter.

Starting July 1st, I will publish one image per day for the whole month, sent as a newsletter to your inbox. I might write a bit of prose explaining why I decided to share that particular image that day.

I will delete the list when the month is over and not move the subscribers to another list. You can sign up here:

I love taking pictures. I own a fancy camera, carry it wherever I go, and take photos of nearly everything all the time. Yes, I am that annoying.

But I don’t know what to do with my pictures from the moment I took them. I don’t want to post them on Instagram because I don’t care about playing the algorithm game. And I don’t want to post them on Twitter because it feels wrong.

I want to publish these snapshots, however. First, to get better at taking them and learning to know what is worth sharing — learn how to curate pictures.

Second, I want to learn how to edit. I don’t know how to do it properly, and I haven’t yet been able to discover what my “style” is. I don’t know what I consider good-looking. I sometimes get there by pure chance. I want to control this more.

So by publishing them somewhere, I’m hoping to develop an eye for photography, see what I personally like and dislike, and what works for me. And maybe, get people to react to them, tell me what they liked or disliked, and how I can get better. As usual, you can reply to the emails and share your opinion.

Sign up with the form below or by clicking this link.

P.S: I’ll be in Brittany for nearly two weeks, so expect a lot of sea, boats, and maybe some fish.