Tapbots launched Tweetbot 6 and moved the app to a subscription model. I subscribed.

Twitter is the one social media platform that doesn't bore me. This is due to how I use it. I follow only people I care about, I have disabled retweets for most people and muted many different topics. There's close to no chance that anything that I don't want to see gets through. Why I prefer Tweetbot, it lets you do that.

I gave the original Twitter-app a try for a while. But the number of random ads, weird suggestions and pings left and right are too annoying. It tries to force me to use Twitter in a different way than I want to use it. So back to Tweetbot.

Unfortunately, Tapbots are dependant on Twitter. Nick Heer explains it best:

Tapbots' ability to update Tweetbot is, alas, limited by how fast Twitter builds out its new, more developer-friendly API. For example, while you can now view polls in Tweetbot, you cannot vote in them; it will prompt you to open the poll in the Twitter app if you try. [...] That is perhaps the hardest sell for Tweetbot. Your subscription fee is paying for Tapbots to translate Twitter's API into a really nice app experience, but whatever work they can do is limited by what Twitter makes available to them.

Yet, I still think the experience is superior. I hope Twitter gives them access to some new, fancy shit!