I'm working on some parts of my yet-to-be-launched newsletter and had to look up some vocabulary in the Apple Dictionary.app1. Ended up procrastinating and going down a vocabulary rabbit hole. These two words came up that I love so much, I had to share them here. Enjoy:

chi-chi | ˈʃiːʃiː |
attempting stylish elegance but achieving only an over-elaborate pretentiousness: the tiny chi-chi dining room.

highfalutin | ˌhʌɪfəˈluːtɪn | (also hifalutin, highfaluting)
(especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious: you don't want any highfalutin jargon.

  1. A marvel of an application. It has a fixed spot in my dock, and it's always open as soon as I write anything. You can enhance the app by downloading third-party dictionaries, and the community created a shit ton of plugin. Get this one