Moving soon (no, not the blog)

We are on the brink of moving. And we couldn‘t be more excited.

My fiancée and I expect significant quality of life improvements for two reasons: we move into our own flat and can do what we want, and gain at least 30 minutes of sleep per day. (Three reasons, technically, as we don‘t have to pay both rent and a mortgage anymore.)

If you know anything about the geography of Luxembourg, you know work-life is clustered around the capital. We, however, live on the opposite side of the country.

Starting December, we move much closer. In the image below, you‘ll see we will move from the red circle to the blue circle (and closer to the purple one.) While it might not seem like such an improvement, it is a big one. Closer to civilisation, direct access to a train network, and, though I don‘t know yet if it‘s an upgrade, much closer to my family (I am joking, mum!)

Red is where we live, blue is where we will move, purple is where we work.

I am lucky that I only have to go to the office twice a week. And yet, because of the commute, these two days are taxing on my mental health.

Right now, it takes me 60-70 minutes in one direction by car. With the move, I will (hopefully) half that. Even if I only travel by public transport, it'll take me only 40 minutes in one direction.

Commuting to me is the worst part of every workday. It is both a waste of time and a waste of energy.

Let’s do some math. 8-hour workday, 1-hour lunch break, 2-hour commute: 11 hours of the day gone, and with me trying to sleep at least 8 hours, I have 5 hours left for a personal life. And this isn't even counting in the whole "getting ready for work" and "unwinding when I arrive at home."

I'm all for making the time you have to commute part of the 8-hour workday. Or let's completely get rid of offices in the first place.

But not only the location will be an upgrade, but also the apartment itself will hopefully improve our lives:

  • It is much more spacious so that I can have my reading corner;
  • I have designed the kitchen according to my taste (expect some videos in there, it turns out the Q2 makes relatively decent videos);
  • We will have a balcony.

I am so looking forward to the balcony. Every morning I will drink my morning espresso there. It doesn‘t matter if we have sub-zero degrees and if I have to freeze to death. I will get my money’s worth.