The more you know, the less you enjoy

Here is a random thought: The more knowledge you have of a subject, the more you limit your possibilities. This is especially true for culinary knowledge.

I am a coffee-snob. I know what makes a good coffee, how you prepare it, what goes wrong when it doesn’t taste good, and how to differentiate between quality and mass-production beans. I know what to look for when appreciating a well-brewed cup of java.

But on the other hand, this limits my possibilities. I can’t just drink every type of coffee because your typical Senseo or Nespresso coffee tastes like shit to me. I still do it because sometimes I need the caffeine, but I don’t enjoy it.

Compare this to my knowledge of wine. I prefer the taste of red wine, especially drier ones, but I don’t know why. Frankly, I cannot always figure out if a wine is dry or not.

So, I drink them all, and in the end, they kind of all taste the same to me.