Even with proprietary dongles, Bluetooth devices are much less reliable than wired. For instance, I wrote above that my Logitech MX Master worked fine once I switched to the proprietary dongle, but that's not quite true: it worked fine for a while, then one day it started janking again for no discernible reason.

I've been running into this problem a lot lately. My MX Master starts acting up, and not even turning it off and on again fixes it. Also, I have this stupid problem where the Mac loses the connection to the AirPods Pro and audio first starts to stutter and then completely breaks off. Only fix I have found so far: Restart the Mac, which is not an option a minute before an audio-call.

So, I've been looking at ways to improve my home office, even with the knowledge that I might spend more times working from home than from an office. And cables are part of that. Ethernet all the way.

I'll report back when I found something that works for me.

[via Monkbent]