Bye Wordpress, we had a great time

After almost ten years I decided with a heavy heart to part ways with Wordpress. It was a great time, I enjoyed it, but after some hard months I had to admit to myself that things were not going to work out between us. And it's definitely Wordpress, not me.

But before I get too melancholic here: I already have a new one - her name is Kirby.

I've been using Wordpress since my first blog. It was perfect for ApfelTech. We hacked the CMS together and stuffed it with plugins in such a way that I am still surprised that no servers exploded.

But for my personal blog I always looked around for alternatives - Tumblr, Squarespace, Ghost or some Wordpress-Fork whose name I forgot. And even though Kim recommended me Kirby again and again, I ignored tit for a long time and stayed with Wordpress.

Until now, because if you are reading this blog post, you should... at best have not noticed anything, even if this is a Kirby blog. I spent the last days exporting the most important content (admittedly, it wasn't that much) and recreating my old theme.

And believe me, it was exciting. I'm not a web developer, but I seem to have enough HTML and CSS knowledge to assemble something functional. I never would have made it with Wordpress. If I wanted to change something, I had to find plugins. And I installed many plugins. M.a.n.y p.l.u.g.i.n.s.

Thanks to the wonderful Kirby documentary and the silence of Kim1 I have integrated some cool features, which you probably won't even notice, but which make me incredibly proud.2. Cause I built this. Open a bottle Moët & Chandon apple juice.

I will spend the next few days refining the design. I'm not quite sure I'm satisfied with the new typo yet. I'm also in need of a logo.3

So if you want to follow my progress live, I recommend my Twitter account. But if you only want content, you can also simply subscribe to my RSS feed. Because that's hip and hip again, I hear!

  1. He probably works with Kirby every day. But whenever I asked him for help, he ignored me until I found the solution myself. Actually quite clever.

  2. Just to give an example: For teasers Kirby uses the first x words or characters. But I wanted to go a little further and thus put my own text field in the Kirby panel, in which I can write individual teasers. So the first section does not have to be the teaser, too

  3. Designers please call. I pay in exposure.