A Recommendation: Intermittent Fasting with Zero

I subscribe to the belief that intermittent fasting is healthy and good for you, and better than most diets, and everyone should do it. Don't @ me.

Most of my beliefs come from reading a book called "The Longevity Diet "by Dr Valter Longo.

I currently follow a nearly daily 16:8 fasting program. Which means: I only eat in an 8-hour-timeframe. For me, though it can change, this means I skip breakfast (except coffee) and have my first meal at noon. Then again a couple of hours later, mostly around 4 to 5 pm.

Yes, in reality, I'm closer to an 18:6 or even 20:4 program, but I haven't officially committed to that yet. I might do that if I can stick to one plan for a month or so.

To keep track of my fasting routines, I use this app called Zero. It is a fancy timer that runs up as time passes and pings you when you've reached your set time.

Fairly recently (on Monday) they launched Zero Plus, their subscription service. And it didn't take me long to subscribe. What it gets you: Custom plans, premium video content with Peter Attia (one of the leading fasting experts), advanced statistics1, and more for around 50$ per year.

Is it worth it? In my eyes, yes. Here is the CEO discussing the feature-set with peter Attia:

I like the statistics and video content. I also like the custom plans a lot, though I am still only following my first one. Not sure how it will evolve. I wonder how long it takes until they recommend proper, several days long fast for the first time. Or if they recommend anything at all.

However, I don't use the full feature-set of Zero yet. I don't post my fast breakers, and I don't log my mood. Fasting 16:8 feels comfortable enough for me that the mood-tracker doesn't make much sense; I am never hangry. Let's talk again as soon as I do a week-long fast.2

So, there you go. If you have thought of giving intermittent fasting a try, this app helps you do that. Yes, you could do the same thing with a regular timer. But I like the feature set enough that it's worth the money for me. After all, health is one of my money dials.

  1. And I love my statistics. I do data-science, it's my job to love them. 

  2. It wouldn't even be my first. I did one weeklong fast before that went from Monday till Saturday. It was, however, not a clean, water fast but something called FMD, fasting-mimicking diet. You consume very, very little food (e.g. seven olives or soups.), and drink some teas and some weird water mixtures. I got the idea from reading Longevity Dietb. He sells the "meal-kits" on a very weird "this is Snake oil" looking website. But it's based on actual, proper research. They just had to gather to a particular audience.