In the first peer-reviewed article that systematically deconstructs Zoom fatigue from a psychological perspective, published in the journal Technology, Mind and Behavior on Feb. 23, Bailenson has taken the medium apart and assessed Zoom on its individual technical aspects. He has identified four consequences of prolonged video chats that he says contribute to the feeling commonly known as “Zoom fatigue.”

Let me add a fifth solution. One that even works, when this is all over. When we1 meet again face to face:

Go for walking-meetings. Take your AirPods or whatever you stick into your ears to connect to the outside world, and go for a walk. Have your calls in nature. Take a notebook and a pencil, in case you have to write something down. Stroll around while talking to your boss about the latest sales-figures.

This also works if you're back in the office. And no, you don't need to carry your laptop, because everyone knows you're replying to emails instead of listening.

  1. Or rather, you! I'm still planning to make my WFH permanent.